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People in the police service

People in the police service
Delayed and my father is his custom to return home after finishing his work in the company we are concerned passes hours without showing him any news, I contacted friends in the work They said he left work before the end of working two hours, which make things worse, and became the doubts around me quickly go to neighbor's house to come out with me his car to search for my father we asked from the shops near the bus stop after that is designated to them have responded child in the tenth Yes I saw him near the tree near the place of the sale of vegetables we went speeding toward the tree did not find him after I called my sister, a nurse at a hospital in the city we've got the answer does not have in the hospitals of the city and my father did not remain only the last solution is the police, we received the policeman in charge of the queries and explained to him that we lose the old man said those who were worried may Achtzvh said it is a simple man who does not believe that there is kidnapped, but man of great age, seems to be the process of opening the skull in the head thirty years ago had affected him and missed the road to the house and we want news to the police can not be answered Tsgelo tells us, but you have to Taathmu someone and you can not do so until after five o'clock pm, because the Commissioner of the investigation had gone to the hospital after he came to contact
My phone! Did not know the policeman poor that the police commissioner is being left the police station heading towards the neighbor's house Commissioner (Ahmad) On the way I remembered that I have a friend Police Commissioner retired hoping that utilitarian contacted him and told him whats quickly connect to (operation room, the city's police joint) What I got to Commissioner Ahmed neighbor's house until awakened from a sound sleep and made the complaint in his home seems to be a part of his duty at the center spent at home because of the long summer day. I received a call from my friend (the Commissioner of Police, retired) that he was informed all police stations and checkpoints in the city have been published descriptions of my father, in the meantime joined us friends, others Bseartehma and we decided that we are looking for, relying on ourselves without the police, we parted at the entrance to the neighborhood and every one of us went to one of the neighborhoods near our neighborhood, and after nearly an hour long search and found Sheikh near one of the great houses sitting under a tree in one of the neighborhoods near the neighborhood seems to be revolving injury and I keep the road to the house. Back happily in his return, I sat in front of the TV evening to watch reports on one of the channels and found a report on the police operation carried out by the police one of the Western countries which had a breakthrough finding on the cat (Lucy), which came out of the house two days ago and Her Cat thank the police to make every effort to return the cat ( Lucy). I said to myself there is great difference between our police and them policeman

This story is realistic story
I regret the mistakes of language, if any, due to translation of Google...

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